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The main purpose of the Club is:
To promote the playing of lawn bowls in general and in particular by providing and supporting a team or teams bearing the name City of Melbourne Bowls Club.

The ancillary purposes of the Club are:

  1. To maintain and provide a clubhouse, bowling green and other conveniences for the use and recreation of the members at such place or places as decided by the members
  2. To affiliate with Bowls Victoria and other similar associations designed to promote or co-ordinate lawn bowls
  3. To apply for, hold and renew a club licence pursuant to the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 and any permit or authority thereunder
  4. To formulate and put into effect such other objectives as the members shall determine, but always to have in mind the advancement and best interests of the game of bowls and the engendering by the Club of a collegiate feeling amongst bowlers
  5. To do all such things as are incidental or necessary to satisfy these purposes

Code of Conduct

The aim of the Code of Conduct is to provide an enjoyable, comfortable, safe and rewarding environment for all people associated with the City of Melbourne Bowls Club.

It is expected that members and visitors will at all times:

All members are expected to help to ensure behaviour is appropriate by reminding any offending members of their obligations; however, this must be done tactfully and calmly. If a member is offensive or abusive, responding in the same manner will also be considered a breach of the Code of Conduct. The only reasonable and acceptable response is to remind the offender they are breaching the Code of Conduct and walk away. 

The Code of Conduct is based on a model of mutual respect and breaches will be managed through the Club’s Discipline Procedures under the Constitution.

Privacy Policy

City of Melbourne Bowls Club is committed to respecting the right to privacy and the protection of personal information of our members and other persons who engage with City of Melbourne Bowls Club.

Pet Management Policy

Rules for pets attending City of Melbourne Bowls Club: 

Other Policies


Our mission is to reduce our waste going to landfill by 70%

Disposable plates and cutlery are not permitted at the club and all food waste is composted.