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We thank all our volunteer committees for their hard work and dedication to the club. See the teams and what they do for the club.

The City of Melbourne Bowls Club Annual General Meetings are held between late May and late July each year.

Before those meetings eligible members have the opportunity to nominate for a range of positions in the Club:

  • Board of Management
  • Bowls Committee
  • Selection Committee
  • Social Committee
  • Greens Director
  • Coaching Director
  • Welfare Director

Elections are held where there are more nominations than positions available.

Board of Management

The Board of Management is responsible for managing the overall business of the Club. Its operations are governed by the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 and the Club Constitution.

The Board consists of:

  • a Chairperson;
  • a Vice-Chairperson;
  • a Secretary;
  • a Treasurer; and
  • our ordinary members

A member is eligible to be elected or appointed as a Board of Management member if the member:

  • is 18 years or over; and
  • is entitled to vote at a general meeting
  • has been a member who is entitled to vote for more than twelve months.

Chair – Lisa Lamour (

Vice Chair – Garry Loughnan (

Secretary – Madeline Scully (

Treasurer – Glen Sinclair-Gibson (

Ordinary Members – Lisa Barrett, Grant Banks, Stu Lafranchi, Rose Ruban

General Contact –

Bowls Committee

The Bowls Committee has up to six members and its responsibilities include:

  • managing the core bowling-related activities of the Club, including pennant bowls, match day catering and umpiring equipment
  • liaising with Bowls Victoria and Metro West Region
  • overseeing the work of the Selection Committee and Coaching Director

The Bowls Committee reports to the Board.

The CoMBC, works together to enhance and provide an environment to feel concentrated, focused, and relaxed, no what the event. We want you to play your best bowls. The bowls committee, is a little like the mother of the club, facilitating, creating connections, and providing a comfortable and safe environment.

As a committee, it is all about teamwork and working together to achieve a great result for our members.


As the Bowls Committee organises and coordinates the Clubs core bowls-related formal competitive involvement with all Bowls Victoria Pennant competitions. We liaise with selectors, Greens and Coaching directors and report to the Board. We also organise recruitment, match day catering, opening of the greens, presentation nights, fixture booklets and equipment.


Saturday Pennant provides the opportunity to snack on a light afternoon. Indulge on fruit, cheese and appropriate biscuits, something we are well known for. Enjoy a beer, coffee or tea and at the conclusion of day be entertained by the calling of the cards whilst sharing some pizza or various other cuisines. Throughout the season we often have a BBQ so you can relax with your fellow bowlers over a quite drink in an inclusive and safe social setting.

 Fixtures Booklet

The aim of the Fixtures Booklet is to provide references to meet the requirements of members and other bowlers for the 2020/21 Bowls season.

We are working through various versions of the booklet, depending on announcements from Bowls Victoria.


Do not forget the facilities we offer in house.

The Bowls Library: A selection of bowls sets, of different sizes and brands are available on loan to members. (Terms and conditions on application). We maintain stock, keep records, and oversee lending and return of bowls, but as a result have many sizes of bowls and many brands on offer.

General bowls equipment is available over the bar including measures, sprays, grippo and the like.


The Bowls Committee is also responsible for Club matches including:

  • organising and running non-pennant bowling competitions including Club championship, tournaments, Club corporate / social competitions and “Try Bowls” days
  • liaising with the Social Committee

They aim to facilitate smooth progress through the elimination rounds.

This is achieved by providing clear Conditions of Play, a rink booking system, prompt publication of results and timely draws for subsequent rounds.

Providing a social environment for spectators and supporters of Championship finals competitors is a goal of the committee.

Organising tournaments, corporate and social such as the Moomba Tournament and Social Cub provides good competition, can introduce new people to the club and be great social occasions.


Deb Dowling

John McLaren

Julian Wightwick


Selection Committee

The Selection Committee has up to four members and its responsibilities include:

  • selecting teams for all pennant competitions
  • encouraging player growth and development
  • liaising with the Greens and Coaching Directors

The Selection Committee reports to the Bowls Committee.

The Selection Committee is charged with supporting the Strategic Plan for CoMBC which states that it supports a diversity of bowler aspirations ranging from those who desire to play in higher pennant divisions to those whose focus is more on lower division and social participation. It is also charged with assisting new members to assimilate seamlessly into competition at their appropriate level.

To achieve this CoMBC has entered teams in Divisions 3, 4, 5 and 8 for the 2020/2021 Saturday pennant season as well as two teams for the Tuesday pennant season.

For season 2020/2021 the Selection Committee has three main objectives:

  • promoting the Division 3 team to Division 2
  • ensuring that no teams are relegated to a lower division
  • establishing and consolidating a Division 8 team


Keith McKnight

Gerard Reed

Ian Rhodes

Bruce Taylor

Contact –

Coaching Director

The Coaching Director’s responsibilities include:

  • coordinating coaching and umpiring activities to foster ongoing player improvement
  • coordinating volunteer coaches
  • liaising with the Selection Committee regarding player development needs

The Coaching Director reports to the Bowls Committee.

The coaches at City of Melbourne Bowls offer coaching to new and experienced bowlers alike. The club holds regular coaching sessions on Monday afternoons during pennant season and our volunteer coaches are also happy to offer one-on-one coaching by request dependant on availability. 

City of Melbourne Bowls Club has enjoyed great success in the recent past and this can be attributed to the passion, knowledge and imagination of the volunteer coaches we are lucky enough to have at the club. Anyone wanting more information about coaching for new or existing bowlers can email 

Director Keith McKnight

Contact –

Social Committee

The City of Melbourne Bowls Club is not just a place where we can come to play lawn bowls. It is also a place where both playing and social members can meet regularly for relaxation and friendship. 

The Social Committee has up to five members and its responsibilities include planning and holding social events for all members and supporting the club to engage with the broader community.

The Social Committee reports to the Board.

Member ideas and feedback are always welcome.


Liz Beech

Rosemary Walsh

Contact –

Greens Director

The Greens Director’s responsibilities include:

  • overseeing greens maintenance, renovation and improvement
  • supervising the Greenkeeper in accordance with the contract
  • liaising with the Selection Committee, Coaching Director, Bowls Committee and Club Manager regarding greens operations.

The Greens Director reports to the Board.

Director – Keith McKnight

Contact –

Welfare Director

Reporting to the Board The Welfare Director is the main point of contact for members general welfare issues and assists the Board to identify areas and policies for development to ensure a safe and welcoming club environment.

The Welfare Director also:

  • assesses information promptly and carefully and reports any welfare concerns to the Board
  • provides practical support following bereavement e.g return personal property from lockers and arrange bereavement cards
  • is able to liaise direct with families or individual members suffering ill health or in hospital
  • assists to welcome and transition new players into the Club

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any assistance –

Director Lynne MacDonald

Contact –

Club Employees

Club administration positions are employees and are appointed by the Board and Club Manager. Club employees cannot be Members.

Club Manager –

Bar Manager – Sudip Kaadka

Functions Coordinator – David Rose

Bookkeeper – Jane Zymaris

How to get involved

Nominations for each position are taken once a year at the Annual General Meeting typically held in June. Nomination forms are available 3 weeks prior to the AGM. All nominations need to be proposed and seconded by fellow full Club members.

  • Board positions are for 2 years
  • all other positions are for 1 year


Our mission is to reduce our waste going to landfill by 70%

Disposable plates and cutlery are not permitted at the club and all food waste is composted.